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If you are looking for a story that will deliver transparency, show faith at work, and add value to your life, then you've come to the right place. As a published author and founder of Destines Butterflies Nonprofit Organization, I know how challenging it can be to find the right story to grab your attention or the right person for the job of mentoring our next generation, but I have a wonderful testimony that’ll make you trust God and me. The stories I share may require a little suspension of disbelief, but I guarantee you’ll be in for a ride. I’m located in Tupelo, which I use alongside my life experiences as an inspiration to impact the next generation. You may contact me on +16626875334 if you wish to learn more about my style, inspirations or if you have any questions about my works.

Why Choose Me?

You can be sure that the quality of my written work is comparable to no other. Read my story to find out how “I survived the boot camp of Pain, earned my stripes, and now prepared to help your daughter earn her strips too.” If you've enjoyed my book or can use my assistance, and you want to learn more, I welcome messages, questions and ideas. If you still aren't convinced, get in touch - all writers and mentors have room to grow, and prolific authors are no different.

The Power Of Words

With a mastery of the nuances of English, you’ll get to walk through my past and understand how I’ve been equipped for my purpose. My story is suitable for my target audience, and packed with imagery that will effectively transport you on my journey from pain to purpose. With a powerful command of tone, pacing and character development, you can be certain of one thing: a story that deserves to be read and experienced.




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